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Pacemakers and Defibrillator Concerns
A common question among health care, law enforcement and security professionals is: will security scanning equipment including the BOSS (body orifice scanners), Mediscan (loss prevention scanner) or Intelliscan (walk through metal detectors) negatively effect people, patients or inmates with a...
Can I substitute a HHMD for the Mediscan?
Can I use a handheld metal detector as a MEDISCAN substitute? The hand held metal detectors are designed to perform surface detection only, with a penetration scan depth of approximately 3-4 inches. This unit is very useful in scanning people since layers of clothing rarely exceed 1-2 inches even...
Intelliscan WTMD model selection?
How do we select which Walk Through Metal Detector | WTMD is appropriate for our needs?As you can see, our Intelliscan WTMD's come in four (4) different models and range from a 2-zone scan capability to 33-zones. There is no right or wrong model. Aside from budget concerns, customers usually base...
What's the difference between the ever popular BOSS 2 (B.O.S.S. II) Body Orifice Scanner and the all new BOSS 3 (B.O.S.S. III) recently released. From the outside they both look the same...What's the difference? While the exterior appears the same, the new BOSS III technically has a few less...
Mediscan purpose?
What is a MEDISCAN for?The MEDISCAN is a great way to save your medical facility money in accidentally discarded / disposed surgical implements.